Where Does It Go?


Since 1998 Treasure Little Children Foundation has been operating on a strictly voluntary basis, dedicating themselves to enriching the lives of low-income children in our community. We donate 100% of our financial resources toward our programs and events. All proceeds gained from our contributors goes directly toward assisting teachers with materials needed to teach, college scholarships, and our annual holiday extravaganza for the low-income youth of our community and its surrounds.



Some of our donations go directly to the school itself.


Our donations also go directly to teachers to assist with the classroom.


What is a holiday party without gifts?

All donations go directly to the children.
We account for every dollar received.
The community is directly impacted by the children within it. 


Our holiday party can have over 300 people. That's alot of mouths to feed.


Hosting events to raise awareness for the needs of local children.

Tax Benefit

Your contribution can be claimed as a charitable contribution.


Why we do it?